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Model poses proper and improper posture.

Smarter Postures Means Smarter Bodies!

Ok kids, listen up! 

It’s time to become more aware of your posture! Take a moment now to notice how you are sitting. Are you sitting tall or slouching forward?

Now, we must be taking actions of prevention. Our bodies react to our lack of awareness. Sit like this for long enough and you can bet that you’ll have a sore back, cranky knees, and misplaced hips.

And we know it can be so easy to set into default without realizing it. When you are sitting on the ground in yoga class or at your desk or on your couch—take the time for slouch prevention!

To do that you need to elevate your hips! On a block, a pillow or whatever you can find! It is imperative that our hips are elevated above the knees when we sit!

When we take time for that simple modification, everything else falls in line. 

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