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Beginner Class

Titanium Yoga's silver class is an invigorating full body Vinyasa flow. You'll explore the ujjai breath, tone, stretch, sweat, and learn the fundamentals of the yoga practice.


Intermediate/Advanced Class

Step up your yoga practice by sweating out the stress, balancing your body and detoxifying your mind. Flowing poses quickly, engaging your core and challenging your body with inversions and balancing poses.


Signature Class

Great for people with injuries because we're leaving the chaturangas at the door. Get ready to sweat and deepen your yoga practice. This is our warmest class, but the music will keep you flowing.


Restorative & Deep Stretch Class

Soften & surrender. Hold restorative postures through the support & comfort of bolsters & blocks. Release pain or heartache from the past and breathe in the moment in front of you. Receive the benefits of Yoga Nidra; a colorful guided meditation leaving you relaxed and restored, with a fresh and awakened perspective.*expecting mom's welcome!


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Mat & Towel Service
  • Liforme Yoga Mat $3/visit
  • Manduka Yoga Towel $3/visit
  • Hand Towel $1/visit
Military Discount - 22% off
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